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Copacabana is one of the city´s most famous neighborhoods. Located in Rio de Janeiro’s Zona Sul, or southern area, it has an attractive crescent-shaped beach that stretches over four kilometers and is one of the main postcard pictures of the city. On Sundays, the lanes of Avenida Atlântica – the avenue on the waterfront - are closed to cars, so that the Carioca population and visitors alike can enjoy the pleasant, ocean front atmosphere. Families and people of all ages may play sports, swim in the ocean or simply relax: that's the Copacabana spirit.

With its world famous beaches, beautiful mountains and globally recognisable landmarks, like the Sugar Loaf and Corcovado, the Copacabana Zone will be the perfect setting for the street competitions . With a population of nearly two million people, the zone will ensure that the events held here benefit from an authentically energetic Carioca vibe. Copacabana´s New Years Eve celebration with its monumental fireworks display is world-renowned.

The sport centres of Flamengo Park, Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon and the Marina da Gloria in Guanabara Bay will also host competitions in the zone. During the Olympic Games, the Athletics (Race Walking), Cycling (Road), Aquatic Sports (Marathon Swimming), Triathlon, Sailing, Beach Volleyball, Rowing and Canoeing (Sprint) competitions will be held in these venues. For the Paralympic Games, they will host Rowing, Sailing, Athletics (Marathon), Cycling (Road), Paracanoeing and Paratriathlon.


The rehabilitation and protection of the zone's unique environmental heritage, including its bays and canals, are priorities for the city. The Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon will be entirely rehabilitated and the beach water quality index will be improved. At the Marina da Glória, where large nautical events will be held, the administrative block with an exhibition balcony in the permanent area will be renovated and water polluting sources will be controlled.