'We'll be back for Rio 2016 Games' say fans as they bid farewell to FIFA World Cup

They came from all over the world and fell in love with Brazil – now many plan to return for the Olympic and Paralympic Games

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They came, they saw, they fell in love with Rio – football fans from around the world (Photo: Rio 2016)

Brazil may not have won their sixth World Cup, but the country and its people conquered the hearts of legions of football fans from across the planet. The tournament – that inspired a colourful multicultural party across the host nation – came to an end on Sunday (13 July) when Germany beat Argentina 1-0 the final at the Maracana Stadium in Rio.

Thousands of visitors are bidding farewell to Brazil, but the good news is there are only two years until the Rio 2016 Games, and fans are now counting down to the first Olympic and Paralympic Games in South America.

And after the warm reception they received from Brazilians, many of those who came for the World Cup are planning to return in two year's time. Check out the video below to hear what they said:


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