THE WIND BLOWS IN FAVOUR OF RIO 2016™: Brazilians’ expectations for Sailing

The iconic Guanabara Bay will host the sport which has won the most medals for the host country

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Sailing at the Olympic Games: great expectations (Photo: ©Getty Images/Paul Gilham)

Sailing is the sport which has won the most medals for Brazil in the history of the Olympic Games. It is not for nothing that expectations of the host people of the 2016 Games are increasingly high for the disputes of the world’s biggest sporting event to take place at Guanabara Bay, one of the city’s postcards. This week, several articles are paying homage to this sport which is expected to thrill the Brazilian people in four years.

Read the exclusive interview with Olympic bi-champion Robert Scheidt, who tells about his expectation to become Brazil’s biggest medallist and maybe participate in the sixth edition of the Games in the house in 2016.

Learn more about the Brazilian boat and board sport tradition. Brazil has been awarded 16 medals, including the two gold ones of Marcelo Ferreira, an athlete who is a member of the Rio 2016™ Sport Council. He analyses Brazil’s chances at London 2012 and the perspectives for the Games in the “Wonderful City”.

And lastly, get to know the details and curiosities of the Sailing competitions at the Paralympic Games, which increasingly attracts the attention of Sailing lovers since its debut for Olympic medals at Sydney 2000.

Check out the articles:

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The tradition of the host country: Brazil, the Sailing nation at the Olympic Games

Sailing at the Paralympic Games: the wind blows in favour of the heroes of the sea

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