Rio 2016 reveals ‘Look of the Games' to mark two years until Olympic opening ceremony

Designs based on Rio’s iconic skyline will adorn the competition venues and colour the city, also featuring on tickets and uniforms

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The new visual identity of the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games features iconic city landmarks (Photo: Rio 2016)

With two years to go until the Olympic Games begin, Rio 2016 is celebrating in style. The ‘Look of the Games’ – the design used for all the event’s visual communications – was launched on Tuesday (5 August). Inspired by the vibrancy of multicultural Rio de Janeiro, with outlines of the city’s landscapes, it represents the coming together of all the Brazilian people.

“We hope that Rio 2016 will be the Games of the people, a memorable celebration of the kind that only we can offer,” said Beth Lula, Rio 2016’s Brand Manager. “The starting point for the new ‘look’ was the Rio 2016 branding, with its essential ingredients of passion and transformation, and its values and attributes.”

The new look will be on display in all the sporting venues and across the city, as well as on tickets, uniforms and licensed products. The goal is to create a celebratory atmosphere and a unique experience for all visitors.

Developed by the Rio 2016 Organising Committee’s in-house design and branding teams, the project took around a year to complete following studies of Brazil’s historical and cultural identity, as well as a photographic immersion in the region’s landscapes. The four football host cities – Belo Horizonte, São Paulo, Brasília and Salvador – are also represented.

The design team produced a visual identity for the Games using images of Rio easily recognised throughout the world, with an organic and all-embracing feel, that gives the impression of a hug, inspired by nature’s beauty and human warmth. 

See below for a gallery of the Rio 2016 look:

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