Rio 2016 Games brands tour the city

Olympic and Paralympic Games’ miniature tridimensional sculptures will tour Rio de Janeiro and interact with the public

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Brands miniatures will tour the city. The starting point is Botafogo beach. (Photo: Rio 2016/Alex Ferro)

Nature, friendship, diversity and passion. United, athletes and people from around the world embrace. The Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games’ tridimensional brands propose a unique interactive experience and have a special meaning for each person in contact with them. And now you will also have the opportunity to get to know them first hand. We have reduced our brands’ sculptures so they can fit in your palm and we will take them on tour around the Marvellous City.

They were among the stars in Rock in Rio, and now they will start venturing in new itineraries. Under the city lights, Botafogo beach was the perfect backdrop for the start of the journey that you may follow on our website as well as on our Facebook page. Check out below the first photo-essay of the miniature brands’ tour around Rio de Janeiro!

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