PARALYMPICS WITH NO PARALLEL: diversity Games exclusive sports

Learn more about Boccia and Goalball and get to know Paracanoe, sport to debut in the Rio 2016™ Paralympic Games

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Goalball is one of the exclusive competitions of the Paralympic Games (Photo: Photo: Getty Images)

Two Paralympic sports have no counterparts in the Olympic Games: Boccia and Goalball. It is time to know those two exclusive sports! This week, Rio 2016™ pays homage to both with reportages, interviews and new content at the official website.

To complement, Paracanoe, sport to debut in the Rio Paralympic Games, will be presented by the words of Fernando Fernandes, Brazilian world champion, former model and participant of the Brazilian Big Brother.

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Wednesday, 16 November

Sport to debut in Rio 2016™, Paracanoe conquers its space at the Paralympic Movement

Remember it: Paratriathlon, a new sport at the Paralympic Games

Thursday, 17 November

From the squares to the Paralympic Games, Boccia entertains all ages

Combination of Brazilian favourite sports, Goalball is a promise of succes

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