Fencing Special: medieval combat in the 21st century

The specific features of fencing weapons, information about athletes and an overview of the sport in Brazil and across the world are the topics of November’s special feature

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Athletes duel on the opening day of competitions at the London 2012 Games (Photo: Getty Images/Hannah Johnston)

A part of the Olympic Games’ sports programme since the first edition in 1896, fencing will also take place in the land of samba. The topic of November’s special feature on, fencing is one of the Games’ five combat sports, alongside boxing, judo, wrestling and taekwondo. It uses three different types of weapon: the épée, foil and sabre, representing the ancient weapons used before the advent of firearms.

Starting this Tuesday, visitors to will find out that each weapon has its own rules, scoring zone and form of touching. You will discover striking facts marking the history of fencing in the Olympic Games, information about wheelchair fencing in the Paralympic Games, and an overview of the sport in Brazil and across the world.

Here is the week’s schedule:

Tuesday 26thFoil, sabre or épée? The specific characteristics of weapons dictate the rules of fencing

Wednesday 27thBrazilian's golden debut in wheelchair fencing at London 2012 inspires compatriots

Thursday 28thHow Venezuela won South America's first Olympic fencing gold medal

Friday 29thBrazilian fencers pin their hopes on Rio 2016 to popularise the sport in the country

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